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Important: It is YOU and HOW YOU PLAY that makes the toy or activity reinforcing. HAVE FUN!!!




Natural Reinforcers

- Macarena dance

- Elevator ride (pick child up "to the first floor, second floor, third floor"), elevator is broken (swing child around)

- Magic carpet (pull child around on a blanket)

- Rocket ride ("fasten sit belt", "hold on tight"," let's go for a ride" - shake chair)

- Spiders (crawling on foot, legs, arms, shoulder, oh no, they are on your hair…)

- Bubble gum (blow big bubble and let the child POP)

- Inflate your cheeks and have child POP

- Make a "fish face"

- Pretend eating child's toes and fingers

- Fall asleep on child's lap and snore real loud

- Put stuffed animals under child's shirt

- Tickle child with your hair (if you have long hair)

- Piggyback ride

- Chasing each other around the room

- Play "hot potato" with a bean bag

- Play "hot hands" (child's hands on yours, pull them back before you slap)

- Play phone with a banana and take turns answering it

- Spaghetti arms (shake child's arms)

- Hold child's legs and stomp them on the floor ( lets walk slow, faster, faster, faster…run)

- Got you (tell to go play and as child starts walking pull him/her back "got you")

- Pretend to be sneezing (a-a-a-achoo)

- Choo-choo train ( pull child's hands back and forth "choo-choo", raise one hand up for a whistle "too-too")

- Pillow fight

- Go camping with a blanket over the table, sit inside quietly pretending to be hiding from bears

- Tickle game (put blanket over the table and have your child sit inside while you tickle him/her from outside from different directions)

- Ram Sam Sam (nonsense song that children love)
A ram sam sam A ram sam sam (hit one fist on top of other) Goolie Goolie Goolie (roll hands) and a Ram Sam Sam (hit fists again) A Raffy A Raffy (lift arms) Goolie Goolie Goolie (roll hands again) and a RAM SAM SAM! (hit fists again)

- Fat sausages
Two fat sausages sizzling in the pan (hold both hands in fists with thumbs up), one went POP (clap hands together) And the other went BAM (clap hands together again)!

- Monkey (jump on the couch singing "five little monkeys on the bed")

- High Five (ask for "high five" and hide your hand in the sleeve or behind your back)

- Kangaroo (jump around the room with the ball between legs)

- Round and Round the Garden
Round and round the garden like a teddy bear
(swirl your index finger around palm of child's hand)
One step, Two step (walk fingers up child's arm)
Hidden under there! (tickle child's underarm)

- Pizza Hut
Pizza hut, Pizza hut (make triangle with arms)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (flap arms like wings)
and Pizza hut!
McDonald's, McDonald's (make "M" with armss)
Kentucky Fried Chicken
and Pizza Hut!

- Criss-Cross Applesauce
Criss-cross applesauce (draw an X with finger on child's tummy)
Spiders crawling up your nose (walk fingers up)
Cool breeze (blow on child's neck.)
Tight squeeze (give a hug)
Makes you get the sillies (tickle child)


Toy Reinforcers
(Toys listed here can be found at any Dollar store or Wal-Mart)

- Battery operated bubbles blower (Wal-Mart)

- Flying toys ("Give it a Whirl" from Discovery toys)

- Peek-a-Boo toys

- Hand Puppets

- Silly Putty

- Squirts

- Jack-in-the-Box

- Balloon pump (with balloons of course)

- Slinky

- Sticky hand

- Paper airplanes

- Stretching animals

- Eye poppers

- Bendable animals

- Water tubes

- Animal grabbers

- Porcupine balls

- Hand clappers

- Whoopee cushion

- Squeakers

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